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New Product Chirp – We provide a full service, from concept to launch, for your new product development. From the inception, LaVonne will look for niche opportunities within your field. It is critical to position your brand with a strong competitive story or Chirp Message. Every new product has a Story. It is my job to get your customers chirping for your new products!

Competitive Analysis

A full review of the competitive landscape for your brands or new products to find the gap that is not filled.  As part of this process, together we answer critical questions as part of the new product development process.

  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • What makes your message different in today’s very crowded marketplace?
  • What does your pricing need to be to leverage your brand?
  • How should your packaging stand out?
  • Where will it be placed within the store planogram?

Market Research & Launch

Store Intercept Example

LaVonne shows the the store customer our new product design mock-up.  I ask, “Would you use our new product instead of what you have been buying? And if so, how often would you use it? What would your pay for this new product? Would it have a distinct advantage over other competing brands?”

If the budget permits, LaVonne would initiate focus groups using product mock-ups to test the reaction of consumers to the package design and copy. This is vital to effective and successful new product development.

You can use the following milestones to visualize 8 stages in product development.

  1. Concept ideation & creative think tank
  2. Competitive price analysis
  3. Focus groups & market research
  4. Stunning package design
  5. Sourcing manufacturing & co-packers
  6. Retail orders
  7. Shipments
  8. Consumer feedback

Stunning Package Design & Story Telling

1. Tell a Story

Your product package design’s job is to tell a compelling story. The better the story the better the sales. You need to know this BEFORE you start designing. It is essential to your brand strategy and must be resolved before you start to design. This is one of the most important aspects of new product development.

2. Pick a Design Focus.

Your product possesses one thing that’s more important than every other product characteristic. It could be the company name, the tagline, the product’s name, how it’s used, what’s inside, its key differentiator, or a absolutely stunning illustration or photo. Your brand strategy will determine what this element ultimately is. This element needs to be bigger, bolder, and more interesting than the rest. You can use size, color, texture, shape, placement, or psychological and emotional triggers to create this interest. This too, is a necessary tool in new product development.

3. Create Design Mock-Ups

Every element on a package has two jobs. Job #1 is to tell the brand story. Job #2 is to create an unforgettable package design with commanding and dramatic visual elements that reinforce the new product story. Its the finale of a great new product development process.

In short, a beautiful package design must tell a good Story. The visual components should be striking, dynamic,  eye-catching and reinforce the product story. The copy should be legible and easy to read. Once the product story and the graphic elements integrate, your consumer will be compelled to pick up the package and perhaps purchase the product. The package design should take up minimal space on retailer shelves, no more than 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The depth should be no greater than 2.5 inches deep.

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  • Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing

    Our experience includes:

    • Social media marketing
    • CPG sales strategies
    • Media productions
    • National promotions
    • Product development
    • Full-scale product launches
    • Trade/Retail promotions
  • New Business Development

    Exclusive partnerships with:

    • Retail chains
    • Online service organizations
    • Global consumer packaged good companies
    • Fortune 1000 manufacturing corporations
  • New Product Development

    From ideation to launch we have you covered:

    • Packaging design
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Consumer focus groups
    • National retail chain rollout

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