Immune Boost Breakthrough

Packaging Design & Advertising Campaign

An immune boosting dietary supplement was created in the likely case the H1N1 virus had arrived in the United States. Immune Boost was possibly an important immunity breakthrough. Because of the launch timing, this project had to be completed in 30 days! There were myriad moving parts that had to be organized to prepare the marketing and product development deliverables of the immune fighter.

The formulation had clinically validated ingredients for which product claims had to meet FDA/FTC Compliance requirements. After intense brainstorming sessions, the brand name Immune Boost was selected and trademarked. Many hours were spent developing package design options. A lighthearted TV commercial was produced. Please refer to the Campaign discussion to find the link to the commercial.

In very short order, Immune Boost achieved national distribution in the mass, drug, club and the natural channels. The sales results for this highly novel product far exceeded expectations.

Immune Boost & Campaign Elements

  • Educational Sell Sheet

  • Display Tray for Club

  • Clamshell Package

  • Floorsand

  • TV Spot Outtake

Immune Boost Process


For the immune booster, the branding needed to be on par with national cold and flu products. This required a complete competitor line review as well as defining the demographic and psychographic target consumer. The market research indicated that Immune Boost had to be experiential in order to garner repeat consumer purchases. The logo and package design needed to convey scientific confidence. The claim “Goes to work within 2 hours” was approved by Legal Compliance. The seal “Clinically Validated Ingredients” further inspired consumer confidence.

Product Development & Package Design

The Natrol brand color is primarily purple, which did not seem to fit with the hard-working Immune Boost product.  The color red was chosen because it implies behind it the ideas of “urgent, action and important”.  Immune Boost with its silver embellishments and 3-D embossing further differentiates the red package design. In person, the product looks vibrant and traffic-stopping. However, the Image Slider doesn’t capture the stunning detail of the design. Feedback from retailers was described in one word: Striking!

Analytics were performed to determine the sizes, wholesale price, market SRP, and average ROI per SKU. Immune Boost was very successful.

Campaign Development

First a competitive line review was nailed down for the Immune Boost. Then the market research was devoured and catalogued for the CPG Mass Market launch. This led to the holding of focus groups to help determine the consumer’s response to the mock package design and copy as well as to the TV commercial story boards. The participant’s feedback informed the changes to the design and copy, as well as the TV commercial. Below are the materials designed to support the national CPG launch of  Immune Boost.

1.) A lighthearted TV spot  

2.) Compelling print advertisements

3.) Traffic stopping floorstand and  aisle endcap for chain drug stores and mass market outlets.

4) For club special merchandising: clamshell packaging built into display trays

5.) The Germ Story consumer brochure

6.) Informative package insert

7.) Attractive trial size sample packets with attached educational card, used in club demos

7.) Motivational PowerPoint sales presentation

Sales Results

The sales force was completely prepared to get distribution in all chain stores. The launch was rolled out strategically to meet in-store delivery dates. Most mass market stores had the product by January 1st.

Although large amounts of Immune Boost were manufactured and distributed, demand escalated. Needless to say, Immune Boost blew up and the sales forecast was exceed many times over.