About LaVonne Whitley

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Visionary

LaVonne Whitley has a visionary mind when it comes identifying product trends and consumer buying habits. From ideation to launch, she possess an exceptional creative talent when directing all phases of new product development.

Her gifted and innovative mind has served her well in crafting inspired trademarks and domain names. Her fresh perspective on packaging design and advertising campaigns have won her high praise within the nutraceutical industry. This is evidenced when her new product arrives just when consumers flock the stores.

Competitive Analysis, Focus Groups & Go-to-Market-Strategy!

Competitive Analysis

First, LaVonne always focuses on how the product will be perceived against the competition. Competitive Analysis reports are the key to any successful product launch.

Focus Groups

By employing consumer focus groups and analyzing their points of differentiation, LaVonne learns more about how the product is perceived. These can be “live” or on-line focus groups depending on the budget.  Then she makes the necessary changes for success. Now we move forward with production and full-scale retail launch.

Retail Buyer Decision Making

She has an exceptional Go-to-Market-Strategy for innovative brands that have compelling niche propositions. For these brands, she is able to provide the retail buyers a Decision Tree, Product Mock Ups, Sell Sheets and End Cap Displays, all which facilitate the decision making process. She also offers Product Codes & Case Weight Dimensions.

Compliance & Regulations

LaVonne Whitley also has a strong understanding of FDA/FTC regulations, product labeling and acceptable FTC advertising claims. Her in-depth and hands-on experience has helped save some companies from regulatory letters and adverse judgments.

LaVonne Whitley

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Social Chirp Marketing

Leadership Experience & Talents

LaVonne Whitley has held positions such as the Sr. Sales Manager at GNC, Director of Marketing for the Source Naturals and Kal brands and President of the NaturalMax brand. Further, she served in Senior Management at Natrol, spearheading all Natrol new products.

Unique Skills

  • Directing all phases of brand identity & new product development
  • Securing trademarks & domain names
  • Creating packaging design and advertising campaigns
  • Social media & social promotion
Areas of Focus
  • Full scale retail launch
  •  Niche advertising; targeting lower profile brands or start up ventures
  • Re-branding of fledgling innovative companies
  • FDA/FTC regulations, product labeling and FTC advertising claims 

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LaVonne Whitley


  • Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing

    Our experience includes:

    • Social media marketing
    • CPG sales strategies
    • Media productions
    • National promotions
    • Product development
    • Full-scale product launches
    • Trade/Retail promotions
  • New Business Development

    Exclusive partnerships with:

    • Retail chains
    • Online service organizations
    • Global consumer packaged good companies
    • Fortune 1000 manufacturing corporations
  • New Product Development

    From ideation to launch we have you covered:

    • Packaging design
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Consumer focus groups
    • National retail chain rollout

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