Exciting Energy Product

Package Design & Comical Ad Campaign

A high-energy formulation in LiquiGels, was designed to start working in less than 30 minutes. Super EnerMax became the brand name, and part of the NaturalMax line extensions.

The formulation needs to live up to its promise—you can feel it working, fast—in a crowded energy category. The package design needed to be bold beyond all others. To meet the challenge, an edgy, yet funny advertising campaign was produced. It addressed what fighting daily fatigue was like, from the stresses at work to managing the homefront, friends and family.

The Super EnerMax package design, merchandising and comical advertising campaign were highly praised by the natural channel. As a result, sales far exceed the initial expectations.

Super EnerMax Campaign Elements

  • Packaging & Advertising

  • Humorous Energy Campaign

  • Final Ad & Package Design

  • Fighter Ad Concept

Energy Product Process


The branding for Super EnerMax needed to be aggressive in order to compete with a plethora of similar products within the natural channel. The inspiration for the Super EnerMax name, logo and color pallet was to portray the product as highly experiential.

Product & Packaging Development

The high-energy product formulation was designed in fast-acting LiquiGels and was highly experiential. 

The inspiration for the package design was taken from the color and design of fluorescent highway cones. What better way to grap the attention of consumers shopping for energy products? To off-set the intensity of the fluorescent orange elements, several areas of white relief were employed to give the package design balance.

The box printing included a double hit of fluorescent orange over black without affecting the Super Enermax logo. The printing was very technical and rather expensive. The box costs (along with the formulation) were built into the product’s ROI.

Focus Groups

We asked our focus groups the following questions:…

1. Feeling a little beat up by life’s demands?  Several participants conveyed that did not feel they had enough energy to go around.When we pressed further, the energy demands of their lives, we learned that most particpants felt they found it hard to keep up with todays demanding schedules.

2. Would you take a dietary supplement like Super EnerMax to boost your energy levels? Once again, the majority felt they would buy Super EnerMax as long as it was all natural and not too expensive. The SRP of $14.95 was widely accepted.

3 .Do you like the potential concepts for the advertisement? The focus group participants were given several mock ads depicting the comical aspects of Fighting Fatigue and Keeping Up with Life’s Demands. The focus group participants liked the juxtaposition of the black-and-white creative with the brightly colored Super EnerMax image.


Imagine Super EnerMax fluorescent boxes, placed in fluorescent counter displays and floorstands. You can imagine lots of bright orange in the retailer’s stores. Right? Well the natural channel retailers made it clear they were ready for a new, highly effective, high-octane Energy Formula. To ensure that the energy booster was tried, every floor stand contained 50 free samples.

Super EnerMax was a deeply powerful formula. Consumers felt it working. As a result, the scale of the launch was viral…building rapidly to the point that Super EnerMax was blowing up, and we were chasing the product.