Tooth Whitener Launch

SmileMax Tooth Whitening Lozenges

The first tooth-whitening lozenge of its kind, SmileMax, was invented by dentists for the Oral Health Care category. The objective was to bring SmileMax into the natural channel.  For a vitamin supplement company, the branding had to be completely out of the box.  Consequently, the package design plus all the merchandising aids had to grab the consumer’s attention; the consumer had to be persuaded to try it. We took SmileMax from launch to being top-selling tooth-whitening lozenge of its time!

SmileMax Packaging & Campaign Elements

  • Display Ad

  • Revolving Ad Campaign

  • Revolving Ad Campaign

  • SmileMax Postcard

  • SmileMax Campaign

SmileMax Launch & Campaign Process


To integrate this amazing tooth whitener into the highly successful NaturalMax specialty line, the name SmileMax was created and trademarked. The package design was powerful and fit beautifully into the Oral Care category.  As part of the branding, fun and playfully shocking advertisements featured illustrated personas with colored teeth, to further engage the consumer.

The branding needed to position the product in the Oral Care packaging category with scientific and clinical confidence. This task required a complete line review of the competitor’s products and definition of the demographic and psychographic target market.

Product & Packaging Development

As you can see from the Slider, the package design included embossment around the SmileMax name and the color palette was bright blue with iridescent foil embellishments. The SmileMax package design was well-regarded by retailers and consumers alike. SmileMax received one of the the top design awards within the natural channel.

As part of the process, the most successful brands in the Oral Care category were reviewed and found marketing themes that met psychographic buying behaviors. Several package design options were crated. The final package design was selected for tight retail mock-ups, formulation, sizes, competitive price analysis, market SRP, and average ROI per SKU was were examined. The formation claims went under strict FDA/FTC scrutiny.

Campaign Development

SmileMax, SmileMax, the first tooth-whitening lozenge, needed an edgy and avant-garde advertising campaign. Take a look at the Slider. Greg goes Ga Ga for Grapes – Purple Teeth, Bonnie goes Bonkers for Blueberries – Blue Teeth, Kevin is Kooky for Kiwi – Green Teeth.  It was the first campaign of its kind and the trade loved it!

With complete competitive and market research, we conduced focus groups in several cities. There were two major objectives.

1 Would consumers enjoy using the tooth whitening lozenge and purchase SmileMax on a regular basis?

2 Would the lighthearted and edgy advertisements make sense to the consumer and encourage them to buy SmileMax?

From additional information gleaned during these focus groups, we made slight adjustments in design and copy to the package to suit our demographics. In addition to the ads mentioned above, The Slider features entertaining merchandising aids that includes brochures, counter displays with free samples, floor stands, aisle end caps, and T-shirts.

Sales Results

To kick off the SmileMax campaign, a national sales meeting was held. A lucrative sales contest was announced which further motivated everyone. Each sales person was educated about the features/benefits and how to handle potential retailer objections.

The results were astonishing. The sales force sold thousands of displays and placed the product in approximately 60% of the natural channel.