Super Food Packing Line

Packaging Design

70% of Americans are deficient in fruit and vegetable intake. The challenge was to develop a dietary supplement, formulation and package design that imbued the look and feel of a fresh produce market. A full competitive review of the super food category was conducted. At the time, nothing like JuiceFestiv was in the marketplace.

The product formulation contained 46 freeze dried fruits and vegetables that contained mostly organic ingredients. As a result, JuiceFestiv boosts energy and wellbeing. The bright colors of the JuiceFestiv campaign reminded us of a brilliant summer day. The challenge was to create packaging that captured the consumer’s attention in a sea of nationally recognized competitor brands.

The JuiceFestiv campaign was as successful as the product itself – and something the company was very proud of.

Super Food Packaging & Campaign Elements

  • Package Design

  • Super Foods Packages

  • Line Extensions

  • Microsite

  • Veggie Beauty

Super Food Line Process


This highly competitive category required competitor analysis and deep demographic/psychographic target marketing. A considerable number of packaging mock ups were designed. Among the many package and logo designs, the one selected had a bright and colorful image of fruits and vegetables. The on-line focus groups responded very favorably to the product name, logo, package design and trade dress. The brand name was JuiceFestiv and inside the colorful box were two bottles, FruitFestiv and VeggieFestiv. Needless to say, the product names and package design were crafted to instill a feeling of alive fresh fruits and vegetables.

Product & Packaging Development

In this super food category, the packaging had to be as bright and colorful as a fresh produce stand. A number of  mock-up packaging designs were constructed. In preparation for the launch, competitive market analysis, size configurations, price analysis, market SRP, and average ROI per SKU were scrutinized. The colorful packaging was an immediate hit in the sea of nationally-branded products.  JuiceFestiv was a definite winner!

The product formulation process was very detailed and exacting. The 46 fruit and vegetables, many of which are organic, were condensed and analyzed for their presence. To boost the benefits of JuiceFestiv, the product was fortified with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

JuiceFestiv was so successful in the mass market that a series of product line extensions were created.

Campaign Development

For the JuiceFestiv line, display ads, print ads, in-store circulars and advertisements were placed.

To ensure a successful launch, the campaign included a microsite featuring JuiceFestiv. The launch also included product demos at club stores along with signage, sample packs attached to an informational piece, club merchandising trays, pallet displays, sell sheets and an informative brochure.

Sales Results

 JuiceFestiv attained national distribution primarily in club stores. A different packaging configuration was provided for the mass, drug and grocery channels. Sales in club stores out preformed the other classes of trade.

JuiceFestiv was a hot seller in several club chains because of the huge pallet displays and prominent in-store placement. Even today, JuiceFestiv is one of their top selling products.