Trace Mineral Package Design

Packaging Design & Retail Launch

An award-winning trace mineral package design along with profoundly effective formulas launched the Planet Minerals brand into national distribution within the natural products channel. What made the Planet Minerals brand so novel and rare, was that the raw material contained over 90% Humic & Fulvic Acids, which are highly therapeutic to the human body. In addition, Planet Minerals delivered 72 healing trace minerals.

A competitive national line review was conducted  to determine the Mfg SRP vs. the Cost/Benefit ratio. This competitive analysis illuminated our point of difference in the marketplace.  The competition could not stack up against these advantages. At that time, there was nothing like Planet Minerals in the marketplace.

The results were spectacular.  Both retailers and consumers were very impressed with the Planet Minerals brand and the trace mineral package design. The intent to  purchase was very high among retailers in this market segment.

Trace Mineral
Packaging & Campaign Elements

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Trace Minerals


Brand and product names create the identity of any thriving product line. The Planet Minerals brand name was fostered during numerous creative sessions. In the end, names for each product ended with the word “Earth”. A theme evolved: a shorthand reading “Minerals by Earth”. This was vital because the competitor’s inorganic trace minerals are not commonly digestible until they are processed by a living plant and become organic. This led to finalization of the product names: Mega Humic/Fulvic by Earth, Wellness by Earth, Zeolite+ by Earth, and Mineral Skin Spray by Earth.

While the logo is the brand’s eye-candy, it must reinforce the product story. At first, it was a challenge to come up with the logo, since  soil is simply part of the ground. From the naked eye there’s not much to look at. However, the humic and fulvic acids are teaming with potential health benefits.  Once we introduced the plant into the soil, the logo began to take on a life of its own.  From the Image Slider, you will see a product image. Start looking at the product from the bottom to the top. At the base, you will see the roots that come out of the soil and feed a plant until it reaches the sun at the top of the image. That little image told the entire story and the company was thrilled.

The color palette, as part of the branding, mirrored the “soil to the sun” vignette. To help further identify the products on the shelf, each one was color-coded.

Product & Packaging Development

For the final package, it was important NOT to look like a regular vitamin product and more like an elegant cosmetic. Once the comps for the labels were underway, we found a company specializing in Heat Induction Labels. We can develop this type of labeling for you. If you follow our direction correctly, you will have one gorgeous final packaging.

Campaign Development

A turnkey-to shelf project was due in 12 weeks. The project required CPG branding, a marketing plan and project management from the start. This fast-paced project was completed in order to participate in the natural channel’s most important trade show. Brand identity development was the next step.

1. Gorgeous Trade Show booth 2. Formal line reviews and Competitive Analysis 3. All materials and analyses were completed on time. This included the following action plans.

  • Trademark Applications
  • Product Formulations
  • Package Design
  • Heat Induction labels
  • Sell Sheets
  • Custom Website
  • Science FAQs
  • Structure/Function Claims Compliant with FDA/FTC

Sales Results

A major broker network was hired and trained by Tami Page. Presentations and account-specific new paperwork was submitted to each of the national distributors and key retailers such as Whole Foods Market. To our delight, most key accounts and distributors accepted the line. Re-orders were coming in at a steady pace. Overall, the natural channel was delighted with Planet Minerals.