Inspired Weight Loss Campaign

Packaging Design & Advertising Campaign

This fast-paced project entailed developing a novel weight loss product backed by an elegant advertising campaign. The product formulation featured clinically validated ingredients. The aggressive claims substantiation needed to be compliant with FDA/FTC guidelines. The brand name Super DietMax was trademarked. The packaging was redesigned to appeal to the weight loss goals of youthful women—younger than the previous target audience.

From the Image Slider, you can see the “Before” and “After” design improvements. Further, an “award-winning” ad campaign was developed to address the areas of the body most identified with weight gain.

To inspire retailers to adopt the new Super DietMax campaign, Sales Contests featured exquisite spa treatments. Within a few years of its launch, Super DietMax became the #1 bestselling weight loss product within the natural channel.

Packaging & Campaign

Weight Loss Process


The weight loss category had an in depth line-review. What was needed –  a weight loss product that was truly efficacious. Dieters do not want to wait until their hunger pains and fatigue are minimized. The market research made it clear that the formulation and delivery system must be true to the Super DietMax promise...that you could feel it working, and fast.

The Super DietMax logo was designed to create visual energy, further supporting  the brand promise to boost energy levels. The term for the delivery system, LiquiGelswas trademarked and became a compelling part of the Super DietMax story. As part of the weight loss branding, it was imperative that all elements of the campaign appear fresh and relevant to the younger dieter demographic.

Product & Packaging Development

With a break-out new diet product that actually works, the package design needed to be strong, crisp and direct. The logo and package design’s use of bright red, orange and yellow colors guaranteed the product was visually impactful. This hot color palette also mirrored the formulation’s thermogenic benefits of increasing the body’s metabolism.

To maximize sales, numerous  merchandising aids were created. This included the following:

  • Dramatic and Show-Stopping  Floorstands
  • Aisle End Caps
  • Counter Displays with Free Trial Size Packets
  • Brochures & Sell-Sheets
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Promotional Window Banners
  • T-shirts.

The sales force received a  glossy, oversized 6-panel sell sheet to gain distribution. And it was easy!

Campaign Development

Focus Groups – Each participant scrutinized the images/claims for the package design itself as well as the ad campaign. The focus group response was overwhelmingly positive! The diet participants clearly understood why the ads targeted stubborn weight loss areas of the body. They found this concept to be very direct and easy to understand. From additional information gleaned from these focus groups, we made slight adjustments in design and copy to the product to suit our demographics.

To launch Super DietMax effectively, the company held regional training sessions to discuss all the campaign elements including;

  • Formulation
  • Package Design
  • Display Ads
  • Print Ads
  • In-Store Circulars
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Point-of-Purchase Materials

As part of the roll out, the product was shipped open-stock for planograms and also packed floorstands and aisle end caps. An amazing amount of product was sold into the natural channel that year. At that time, the company was “blowing up” and keeping retailers in stock was a scramble.

Sales Results!

Super DietMax gained national distribution in about 70% of natural product stores within the first year. Consumer demand was very strong, and retailed admitted that they thought that the product had gone viral, with repeat users as well as “friends of friends,” routinely purchasing the product. By the third year, Super DietMax was voted the #1Best Selling Diet in the natural products channel. And as a very nice touch, Your Hips, Your Thighs, Your Butt ad campaign won an industry award.