Youthful AdVantage & Beauty Advantage Lines

Two Beautiful Package Designs:
One for Anti-Aging and one for Nourishing Beauty from Within.

The objective was to develop two dietary supplements  for drug stores that was centered around the concept of Anti-Aging and Beauty from Within. The goal was to place the lines within the body care section of the cosmetic category. Competitive line reviews for the face and body categories were analyzed. The market research demonstrated that women 50+ wanted products designed for precise Anti-Aging functions. There was a void in the market for avant-garde “cosmetic” supplements, to be presented to drug category managers.

It was clear! Consumers desired a greater selection of Anti-Aging products in drug stores. Thus, the Youthful Advantage line was the center piece of the presentation. Beauty Advantage was also presented because the packaging had a fresh, feminine and more beauty-oriented promise that appealed to women who were 40+. These consumers also drawn to to the Nourish from Within statement.

Although the both lines were dietary supplements, the package designs had to convey cosmetic quality, luxury and sophistication. The challenge was to create packaging that was not only compelling, that also expressed the simple purity of the product to the target audience.

Youthful & Beauty Advantage-Packaging & Campaign Elements

Youthful & Beauty Advantage Processes


The branding for both Youthful Advantage and  Beauty Advantage needed to fit in with the packaging category of national brand anti-aging and wrinkle creams. This required complete competitor review and to define demographic and psychographic target consumer.

This slider works really well and very clearly depicts the different facets of the campaign.  The Youthful Advantage logo and package design was targeted to women who strictly wanted anti-aging products. Therefore, the design was very bold, dynamic, yet simple and easy to read. The copy was large enough  to accommodate the vision that 50+ women have about their lifestyles and self-image. This was our target demographic for this product, and the design functioned accordingly.

The Beauty Advantage logo and design was intended for women who were 40+ that responded well to a more deeply nourishing approach, with less emphasis on anti-aging. For this age group, the package design was young, feminine  and classic.

Product & Packaging Development

This project was turn-key and ready to go to market. Tight mock-ups of two package designs, product formulations, sizes, price analysis, market SRP, and average ROI per SKU and both product lines were analyzed to ensure the campaigns were profitable.

A very clinical yet at the same time elegant and fresh look informs the package design.

What is not evident from the Image Slider is that there was a lavish and liberal use of silver foil embellishments on both designs. The brand name was embossed with silver foil. Both the top of the package as well as the sides had a stunning use of solid silver foil.

From the Image Slider, the grey tones you see in both design images indicate where the silver was placed. However, it does not do justice to the impeccable design.

When the buyers received the very accurate mock-ups of both lines, showing the silver, they were quite impressed.

Youthful Advantage & Beauty Advantage combined had 16 separate product names, formulations and price points. It was very important that each formulation contained clinically validated ingredients and FDA/FTC compliant product claims.

Campaign Development

After a mere 2 weeks, we felt we were ready to go! We’d developed two package designs and brand trademarks; 16 product trademarks names along with formulations; pricing and ROI analysis.

With each campaign, Youthful Advantage or  Beauty Advantage, mock advertisements were prepared with compelling finished copy.

You can view these advertisements either in the Image Slider or the Gallery at the bottom of the page. In the gallery, click on each one to see the full size.

The product images of Youthful Advantage are found in the Image Slider. The Beauty Advantage product images are found in  the Gallery at the bottom of the page.

Sales Results

The Aftermath….

With many product pitches, even the ones that are as in-depth as Youthful Advantage and Beauty Advantage, the buyer determines the product lines viability in their stores.

The buyer stalled on our proposal to place Youthful Advantage in next year’s cosmetic/facial care planogram, as the timing wasn’t quite right. In the interim, we suggested testing Youthful Advantage in the cosmetic/facial category in 25 stores to see if women who were 50+ would buy a dietary supplement to boost their anti-aging efforts and youthful appearance.

Alas, the company is still waiting  for their go ahead.